* Please contact Sarah for any questions you may have about these testimonials. With the client’s permission their name and phone number can be provided.

Sense of calmness

“Myofascial Release Therapy helped with flexibility and movement. It encouraged release of emotions and gave a sense of calmness. Sarah helped me feel that there was truth in my pain. I felt validated. Sarah gave me knowledge of tools to use to help myself at home. She encouraged me to use the tools.”

I can feel that it helps in reducing pain

“I was surprised to learn during Myofascial Release Therapy sessions how important posture was and how my posture was contributing to my problems. I consciously try to improve my posture on a daily basis and I can feel that it helps in reducing pain.”

Everybody should have it

“I love it. A physical therapist told me that with my back problem I would not be able to walk four miles ever again. After three session of Myofascial Release Therapy I was able to walk on a treadmill at a speed of four miles per hour for over a half an hour. Everybody should have it. After the first session I was able to feel an improvement and to feel how my body worked. I learned how to take care of my body at home.”

Relief from chronic pain

“For me the biggest value of Myofascial Release Therapy was that the therapist was able to zero in on the source of my pain in the first visit. No other therapist was able to do that. The next biggest value of MFR is that for the first time in six years I am seeing relief from chronic pain.” 

I felt that I had a full stretch

“After abdominal work done during my Myofascial Release Therapy session I noticed that I did not have such bad menstrual cramps. This last month they were a non-issue. When I received an arm pull it felt very good. It felt better than a massage. I felt that I had a full stretch.”

I felt it was a good investment

“I think that the most important thing that I walked away with is a greater awareness of my body and how I use it. I was a student while I was having Myofascial Release Therapy. I did not have a lot of money but my money was well spent on the therapy. I felt it was a good investment.” 

If I didn’t have it I would be bonkers!

“I had extensive burning and searing pain. I think because of the Shingles virus. Myofascial Release Therapy got rid of the major burning and searing pain areas. I was taught ways to deal with the pain every single day on my own. I was taught how to take care of myself at home. If I didn’t have Myofascial Release Therapy I would be bonkers!”